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patented technology for sale; CMOS RTS noise reduction

the Harvard University/Sionyx hoax, or how one 1.2 eV photon will produce 100 or more 1.2 eV electrons

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PROFESSOR (retired after 40 years), INVENTOR (over 1000 US patents)

EDUCATION; B.Sc (with Distinction) in Engineering Physics, 1962 University of Alberta,Edmonton; M.S. in Electrical Engineering, 1963 University of Illinois,Urbana; Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 1970 University of Illinois, Urbana, Thesis Advisor, Professor C.T. Sah, Minor in Physics.


Post-Doctoral Continuing Education 1974-Summer: Short Course on Integrated Optics University of California, Santa Barbara 1975-Summer: Short Course on Charge Transfer (Coupled) Devices University of Southern California,Los Angeles 1985-Summer: Organized Short Course on Defects in Silicon Portland Conference on Silicon Materials and Technology 1986-Summer: Organized Short Course on CMOS Technology Organized Short Course on GaAs Integrated Circuits Portland Conference on Silicon Materials and Technology 1987-Summer: TriQuintSemiconductor Chip Design Course, a week long course and follow-on projecton chip design and layout 1990-IEDM IEEE Short Course on Silicon-on-InsulatorTechnology 1996-IEDM IEEE Short Course on DRAMs; Aug. 2008 SPIE Short Course on Non-Imaging Optics, San Diego, CA; Feb. 2009 IEEE Short Course on Medical Imaging, San Francisco CA;


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Research Associate, University of Illinois, Urbana, 1970; IBM VisitingProfessor, Howard University, Washington, DC, 1972; Assistant Professor,University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 1973-75; Associate Professor, Universityof California at Davis, 1976-77 and 1979-81; Adjunct Professor, PortlandState University, 1983; Professor, Oregon State University, 1983-2000;Visiting Professor University of California San Diego, 2000-2001; Professor,Oregon State University, 2001-2010. retired 2010


1970-72 Staff Engineer, IBM Components Div., Fishkill N.Y. and Manassas,Virginia; 1973 Consultant to TELEX Computer Products, Tulsa, OK; 1974 Consultant to D.H. Baldwin, Fayetteville, AR; 1978 at Hewlett-Packard Labs., PaloAlto, California; 1979-81 Consultant to Hewlett-Packard, Santa Rosa, Calif.;1981-85 Consultant to Fairchild Semiconductor, Healdsburg, California;1988-1992 Consultant( Research; Fellow to Naval Ocean Systems Center, San Diego, California;1993 Consultant to Hewlett-Packard, Corvallis, OR; 1996-2007, Adjunct Research Fellow, Micron Advanced Research Institute, Boise, Idaho; 2008 Consultant to Advanced Pixel Research Lab., MagnaChip, Lake Oswego, OR.; 2009 ,2011, consultant to SiOnyx Beverly MA and Portland OR; 2010, 2012-present L. Forbes and Associates LLC.


Long Range Navigator, Royal Canadian Air Force,Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;1958 -1966, Rank on release F/L (Captain) and stationed in Nova Scotia on long range maritime patrols over the North Atlantic. Lead navigator responsible for both long range and tactical command of an anti-submarineaircraft with a crew of twelve.